About me

Welcome to my world. My name is Petrina and I moved back to the west of Ireland in 2020, after nearly 10 years in London. I became a mum in 2018 and started this blog shortly afterwards to share all the ups and downs of becoming a new mum. In 2021 I had a home birth in Ireland with my second daughter Aisling. I live with my hubbie Shane in Co. Clare

I set up my own business in 2021 called Mama’s Boobie Box, which is a breastfeeding gifts and products business available only online. This idea has floated around in my head since Isobel was born as I struggled so much with breastfeeding at the start. I am really passionate about breastfeeding and strongly believe if women were given better support post birth, a lot of problems with breastfeeding would be resolved.

We are currently on Instagram as @mamasboobiebox or on Facebook as Mamas Boobie Box, give us a follow, like or share!

I set up live events for pregnant women in 2022 called Birth and Beyond. I have brought together a range of wonderful guest speakers to help women prepare for birth and their post partum journey. I know how hard it is becoming a mum for the first time and the mental, emotional and physical journey you go on, so I really want to share the best advice to pregnant women that they can get. Tickets are still available for 2nd April!

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