Mother’s remedy’s are best

Anytime Isobel goes through an illness or something we haven’t seen before I usually consult my mother for some sage advice. A few weeks ago Isobel was poorly with some kind of tummy bug, she only vomited once, but was off her food for a couple of days after.

My mothers go to advice was keep giving her cooled boiled water which helps bowel movement too. Even if she keeps asking for milk, it will curdle her stomach further so probably the worst thing you can give if they have tummy issues.

After a few hours of sipping on cooled boiled water Isobel had a few very bad nappies together and after that perked right up and was back to her happy self.

Isobel’s sickness always seem to combine when she is badly teething. When her back teeth were coming through she had a terrible ear infection. I tried to keep a mental note of these things so I am well stocked up on bonjela and Calpol and just got another remedy tip from my sister in law (pic below from a homeopath), she uses on her 6 month old and works well.

Would love to hear of any tips you use from your mums??

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