Lockdown survival guide

We are 3 weeks into working from home and now only feel we are into a groove of a regular routine this week between working and split of childcare duties. I even wrote Isobels routine on a whiteboard in the kitchen as her daytime nap was all over the place with time change. It has really helped us plan her meals, snacks and some daily educational and messy play activities.

So I started this week of trying to take the positives each day and watching Isobel do new things each day is entertainment in itself.

We are spending so much time with Isobel, I am seeing her funny personality. I play her a nursery rhymes CD every day (best buy in Lidl and came with a book for a fiver and yes I still play CD’s) and I just watched her do all the actions for wheels on the bus, it was just so sweet to see. She is also obsessed with birds and realises they can fly so assumes Mommy can lift her up to the same heights. Then while in the park yesterday she shouts out Daddy to a man that walked past with a large tummy, then lifted her top up and starting smacking her tummy 🤣🤣 I nearly fell over laughing!!.

So what does our routine look like;

  • 6:30am Get up, breakfast together
  • 7:30am I start work
  • 8:00am Isobel & Shane go for a long walk and get any essential shopping
  • 10:15am They return
  • 10:45am We have a snack/lunch together if possible depending on meetings
  • 11:30 Wind down and get ready for nap
  • 12:00-2:00 Asleep (yet to achieve, more like 1pm-3pm) Shane starts work once Isobel is asleep
  • 2:00pm I finish work and take over childcare
  • 5:00pm Prep dinner
  • 6:30pm Start wind down
  • 7:30pm Asleep (Although usually 7:45pm got all messed up on time change, nearly back to normal now)
  • 8:00pm Work on anything urgent that needs a response (sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 3 hours)

Most days our activities with Isobel include letting her run around the park for an hour, nursery rhymes, painting, jigsaw puzzles/building blocks or some messy play outside which involves buckets of water and chewing on the watering can. She has also gone crazy about sticker books and now most evenings I am trying to scrape these off the floor! We are lucky we have some small outside space also and as she can now climb up and down steps easily, just going in and out of the kitchen door is a game to her.

I hope you find the above useful during lockdown, and above all stay safe xx

This was a bit more expensive £7, but 1 page a day to go through is enough for her and we have had it over 2 weeks and plenty of stickers left
Love this paint book as you just mix the brush with water and it creates colour so no actual paint required
Never this quiet with me, but loves reading with her dad

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