How your other half can help

I just read this article and felt compelled to share it. I resonated with so many things he says and myself and the hubby have openly talked about what we would do differently, should we be lucky enough to have another child.

I dedicate this to my brother who welcomed a new little boy last week. My top tips of support for him to his wife would be:

1. Pick up the slack on household chores so your partner can sleep when baby sleeps.

2. Make her food, even if she says she’s not hungry.

3. Take time off work to spend those important first few weeks together as a family.

4. Let her whinge and whine and cry and complain. There is nothing for you to fix, just listen, and give her a cuddle.

5. When she says she needs a break, be there for her, no judgement, let her take the time she needs (sometimes it might only be an hour of alone time).

6. Encourage her to meet friends without the baby, but understand her fear of leaving the baby for the first time (it is an emotional rollercoaster).

7. Most of all, tell her she’s beautiful and a good mother every day, especially when she doesn’t feel it herself.

One thought on “How your other half can help

  1. Hello Petrina. I have been reading your posts and can see you have been having a tough time but you are really amazing to write it all down and share it. It resonates so much with the normalcy of being a mum and how hard it can be. I especially love your top tips for partners and will DEFINTELY Share with my next nct group. Let me know if you fancy a coffee sometime. LOU X

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