Arrivederci Italy

We’re back a few days now and Isobel has settled well back into her routine.

We have learnt so much from this holiday about what you really need travelling with you. Below are my essentials:

  1. Travel kettle/flask.
  2. Favourite cuddly toy/whatever their normal sleep association is.
  3. Own car seat.
  4. Buy formula & nappies when you first arrive, especially if you have a hired car (you will never bring enough in a suitcase).
  5. Formula sorter/storage container for out and about during day.
  6. Don’t bring too much clothes if you have access to a washing machine. (This goes for mom and dad too!)
  7. Sun hat and sunscreen.
  8. Spoons, bib, and own bowl if weaning/on solids.

Also it seems rather odd but, rather than give you what you needed, the Italians needed us to ask for it, for example a high chair or help lifting the buggy in and out of places. I know it sounds silly, but in Ireland if you walk in with a baby, they will automatically bring you a highchair. It’s just cultural differences we hadn’t even thought of, but the Italians love babies and couldn’t have been more helpful once we asked!

Oh and don’t speak too fast, apparently Isobel sounds like “It’s a boy”!

Back on her throne

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