Home away from home

It’s so lovely when you walk into a place, sit down and just gasp “aah” as a sigh of relief. This is how I feel about our apartment booking in Florence. We have decided apartment style holidays are the way forward with babies. After spending 3 nights in Arezzo in a small double room and nothing else, this place feels the size of a palace. We have 2 bedrooms here and a very big kitchen/diner, although I am still boiling water in a saucepan to make bottles. I get the feeling no-one here has heard of a kettle! (My flask is still the best thing I brought with me).Florence is an absolutely beautiful city and the weather here today has been the best so far. We got here early from Arezzo this morning as I was determined to make parkrun on time.Luckily for us Isobel woke before the alarm went off. Her sleep has been very unsettled while she has been here with at least 1 night time wake each night. We try and plan her daytime naps for either when we travel in the car, or in the buggy when out sightseeing. Although they never seem to last long or happen when they should. For her night sleep we are sticking to the same steps, bath, feed, music, sleep. Although the “bath” has been a wash basin most nights!We did a lovely evening walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo, where the views are breathtaking. I don’t even think the pictures I took do it justice. Isobel is still really excited been out and about and her squeals when she spots a dog are hilarous. It can be tricky navigating a big buggy here as the footpaths are really narrow. Even though 9 times out of 10 I curse it for being so awkward, it has suited the bumpy cobbled streets so much better.Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the galleries, and Isobel will just be hoping for another dog sighting!The view from Piazzale MichelangeloThe view from the couch 😂

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