Bye Bye Nipple Shields

I totally forgot to write about this at the time as I was in such a sleep deprived daze. But when Isobel was nearly 6 months she decided she could feed without using nipple shields. She did it in such an Isobel like fashion too. One day in the middle of a feed, she ripped the shield off me, flung it in the air, and latched back on with such fury that it shook me a little. I think in her head she was saying “I don’t need these fecking things anymore, I am a big girl now”. It’s been going well since that day and it’s such a relief out in public breastfeeding, now that I am not getting my whole boob out to try and attach without her knocking it to the ground before I can get her latched on!

Goodbye to all the washing, sterilising and always remembering to have one with me.

For those who need to use them or still are, I found the “mam” ones the best in terms of latch, washing and the handy box they come in.

For those that have never had the pleasure, thank your lucky stars, it was never a pleasure!

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