Half a Year in the blink of an eye

I’m not really sure where the last 6 months have gone. I’ve begun to get very emotional in the last week too. Baby blues are not just reserved for the first few weeks! I find myself blubbering at the slighest thing that goes wrong.

I’ve only 4 months left until I go back working and I suspect that will be the end of my breastfeeding journey. I feel really sad about that as I have loved our bonding time. I even took a picture of her feeding the other day just so I could treasure the memory.

She’s been really cute recently too and sometimes comes off the boob just to look up at me and give me a smile. Maybe she knows that journey is ending too and hopefully she is enjoying every last feed with mummy..

And as one journey ends another begins with solids. I’m attempting baby led weaning mainly because I’m too lazy to start making purees and in theory it sounds easy. I’m sure all the books are 100% accurate and are not biased at all! Keep following my blog to hear how it all turns out…

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