Google doesn’t live with your baby

I read a really interesting article recently on why African babies don’t cry. It made me think are we constantly searching online for what is wrong with our babies when really all they want/need is love, attention, food and warmth. 

The words that really stood out for me were read your baby not the books.

I have been breastfeeding Isobel and although it is not an easy journey, anytime she gets upset I offer her the boob. 99% of the time she takes it, sometimes it’s hunger but I think the majority of the time it is “I did something that really scared me, please look after me mommy”. She just wants the comfort of been close to me.

When she doesn’t take it, it is trapped wind from an earlier feed or currently teething pain which seems to last forever!

I haven’t stopped Googling but I am spending more time trying to make her smile!

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